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    Virtualization Solutions that accelerate, optimize & remodel businesses

    Mizpah Offer hyper-converged P2V & V2V solutions that includes virtualization of hardware platforms, OS, storage devices & network resources. Our virtualization solutions streamline resources and allow multiple applications and OS to run simultaneously without any hiccups.

    Desktop Virtualization

    Pro at managing a third party cloud service and infrastructure, we offer flawless virtualization of the company’s network, user desktops, applications and servers. Through our DaaS, we can also create a secure office environment that supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach.

    Server Virtualization

    To make databases, collaborative applications and network services scalable on a global level, we offer server virtualization services. With enterprise grade features, our services simplify the operational complexity of servers and make them fit for global management.

    Application Virtualization

    By separating the applications from the actual hardware, we increase its flexibility & compatibility and ensure that incompatible applications run side by side and give high performance. We customize this service as per the requirements of the enterprise.

    Maximizing Virtual Environment via VMware

    Leveraging VMware technology, Mizpah benefits their clients with greater performance, faster time-to-value & unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

    We help you Secure & Monitor your Microsoft Hyper V Environment

    Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are well versed with the technology. We help our clients install, setup, and manage their Hyper-V environment.

    Benefits That Matters!

    Lower Costs

    Smaller footprints as compared to PCs tends to reduce infrastructure CapEx & ongoing operational costs

    Improved IT Environment

    Ensure smooth flow of data for operations by moving to virtual space

    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    Built in native replication & disaster recovery features help in easy deployment during mission critical environments



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